Meredith Who?

I used to think that "what" I did made me "who" I was, but a bug bite changed my mind. In 2012, I contracted Lyme disease along with a host of co-infections and had to stop working full-time. In more ways than one, I didn't feel like myself. I still don't. Every day, I try to beat the Lyme, but sometimes, it's all I can do to co-exist with it. Now, it defines my new normal. But in the spirit of my former self, I have found a few ways to hustle around my limitations.


I write for the pure fun of it, mine and yours. I love reading books, watching movies, and being swept away into other worlds by words and art, so I decided to create some of my own. See my author page on Amazon.


I run a Rodan and Fields skincare business and a marketing consultancy for start-ups. Basically, I help people and companies tell their own stories to the world. 


I navigate the minefields of chronic illness every day - living with constant pain, endless doctor visits, and towers of insurance claims. Lately, more and more people are suffering the same fate, and it’s time to do more to stop it.

"This one will keep you guessing until the end. It’s not your typical post-apocalyptic tale."

"The Killers" in Dead of Winter: A Horror and Dark Fantasy Anthology

Why R+F

Currently, Rodan and Fields is the number 1 selling skincare brand in North America. While I never expected to find myself selling skincare, let alone selling any products via MLM, I decided to join R+F and start this side gig in the spring of 2018 for two reasons: (1) the products actually work (I am proof), and (2) I wanted to make sure my family didn't have to worry about money despite me being sick.

Here's what I mean:

  1. Products:  Lyme Disease caused my skin to react in unexpected and painful ways with red, itchy rashes all over my body and tiny, red bumps that would turn into cystic acne all over my face.  For the first five years of fighting this disease, I saw three dermatologists in two states and tried every combination of store-bought skin care I could find. Finally, in 2017, I tried Rodan and Fields, and their products were able to get my skin under control in less than a year!  By starting my own R+F business, I can help people like me feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their skin. Yes, I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true, and I know it first-hand.
  2. Business:  Lyme Disease stripped me of my livelihood.  I have a BA in English from UC Berkeley and a MSc in Media and Communications from The London School of Economics.  I have drive and resilience, and I have worked hard in my career to succeed.  But now, I have chronic pain, no stamina, and I feel like I live in a jar of molasses.  With Rodan and Fields, I have the flexibility to work when I can while making residual income even when I can't.



THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION Here are a few of the clients I've worked for either in-house or as a consultant.